10 Important Reasons Why Golfing Is Good for Your Health!

You probably already know that golf is a lot of fun, but did you know that it is actually really good for your health as well?

Most people don’t consider golf a very strenuous sport, and are surprised when they realize how good it actually is for the body. Getting out and playing a game of golf has many fantastic health benefits. Golfing will improve your flexibility, cardiovascular health, strength, and so much more. Here are some of the important ways that golf is good for you:

1) Most golf courses are out in the countryside and filled with greenery, which means that the air will be relatively pollution free and full of oxygen. Being outside in the fresh air is good for your lungs and restores your overall health.

2) Walking between each hole is an excellent light cardiovascular workout, especially if you skip the golf cart and carry your own clubs. Did you know that you burn approximately 300 calories every hour when playing golf?

3) Calculating your approach and planning out your putts is a workout for the logical part of your brain which is concerned with physics and spatial relationships. Your brain is a muscle too, and exercising it keeps you healthy.

4) Bending over the pick up golf balls, set up a golf tee, and other actions will increase your flexibility.

5) Hitting a hard drive across the fairway is great for building muscles, especially in your arms, shoulders, and back.

6) Playing a round of golf on a sunny day means that you will receive a nice healthy dose of vitamin D. Your body naturally produces this vitamin, but it needs sunlight to help release it. Vitamin D will help repair your skin cells and strengthen your bones.

7) After a day of exercise and fresh air on the golf course, you will sleep better. Studies have shown that exercise helps you to fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer. This is very important for your health because sleeping is when you repair and heal your body.

8) Lifting up your heavy golf bag and carrying it will help you to build strong muscles.

9) If golfing is a fun and relaxing activity for you, going to play a few rounds will greatly reduce your stress and tension. Being stressed out is incredibly harmful for your health and can cause serious health problems, so go for a game of golf and just chill out!

10) Golfing can be a great way to spend time with your friends, and these positive social interactions release healthy endorphins in your brain. Studies have shown that if we have a strong connection to a group of friends, we can live up to six years longer!

For these reasons and more, heading out to your favorite golf course to play a few rounds is actually a very healthy way to spend your time. Enjoying a great game of golf will make you stronger, fitter, and most of all, happier!

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