Golf Putting – Hole More 6 Footers With This Simple Trick!

In golf it is very easy to get carried away with focusing on hitting the ball further off the tee in order to reduce your scores and golf handicap but there is another area that mustn’t be forgotten – Putting!

With 18 greens to negotiate every round it is vital we learn how to reduce the number of shots we take over what is a very short distance. It is no good getting on the green in two only for us to take another three or four shots.

This simple technique should get you sinking more 6 foot putts than ever before and it won’t cost you a penny.

The technique

Before you start your round of golf make sure you spend at least 10 minutes on the practice putting green. This is where you should focus your mind on your technique and form so that when you are out on the course you perform as best you can!

I always take at least three golf balls to the practise green to save time on retrieving them between shots and take my time over each putt as I would out on the golf course. Make sure you try a mixture of putts from long full length of the green putts to one and two footers because you never know what putts you’ll face out on the course straight away!

To master the six foot putts, however, instead of putting to the holes, take a tee peg and place it in the ground. Your challenge now is to hit the tee peg from your putts. Start from about two feet away and attempt to hit it three times in a row with three putts. Then once you have achieved that, move further back, perhaps to four feet, and repeat the process. Then again to six feet and attempt to hit the tee peg three times in a row.

As crazy as it may look and sound, what you are actually doing is focusing on putting the ball to a much smaller target than that of a hole. Then when you have mastered being able to hit a tee peg from six feet and it comes to putting to an actual hole, the hole itself seems a much larger an easier target to hit therefore resulting in you making more putts.

It really is just a simple tip as it concentrates on improving your putting accuracy without costing you anything or changing your stance or putting movement. So many people buy new and expensive clubs when I’m pretty sure that the putter you have in your bag right now will do just a good a job.

The secret is to just focus your mind on hitting the tee peg in practice and the golf holes will seem like buckets to you out on the golf course!

It certainly is a nice feeling having more confidence over those six foot putts so why not just give it a go and see how you get on. You certainly have nothing to lose!

I really do hope that this golf instruction tip helps to knock a few strokes off your game and helps reduce your golf handicap.
Source by Tony McEwan

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