Golf Putting Set-up, The Winning formula

The putting stance is another area where golfers display their individuality. Some set up slightly open to the ball, while others use a closed stance. Some bend low and some stand almost straight up. The arms may be tucked in or flared out. The feet may be close together, or spread wider than shoulder-width.

Why all the differences? Because of two factors common to all putting styles.

First when putting, every golfer tries to get as comfortable over the ball as possible-which ought to breed the confidence needed to make the putt. Second, they are trying to position their eyes directly over or just inside the ball-to-target line.

So, here’s how to assume that winning formula in your set up:

1 Position the ball just inside your left heel and set yourself up so that your left eye is directly over the ball. You can test this by dropping a ball down the sight line of your left eye. If you are lined up correctly, that ball will hit the ball on the ground below you.

2 Now try to get comfortable by letting your arms hang naturally, flexing your knees, and bending forward from the hips. Now wiggle your toes inside your shoes until you balance your weight evenly between both feet, with your feet set at a distance of about 12 inches apart.

3 Align your body, i.e. your shoulders, hips and feet parallel to the line of the putt

4 Alignment of the putter’s club head is crucial, take your time to ensure that it is aiming at the target line (which may not always be the hole, where you have to allow for the “borrow” on the greens1).

5 After you are all lined up and in position place your left hand on the club, taking time to position the hand correctly, then add your right hand to complete the grip.

Now a good way to practice this is to go onto the practice putting green, and place two 8 foot lengths of stringer, parallel to each other, just slight slightly wider than your putter head. Tie each end of the string to a tee peg to keep the string taught and in place.

Now, you can practice your putting stroke by using a gently left to right rocking movement with the shoulders, so taking the hand and fingers “out of play”.

Remember, Putt using the upper body and not with your fingers!

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Source by Paul Evans

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