Golf Putting Tips – Learn Some Simple Strategies to Help you Make More Putts

Great putting can be one of the fastest ways to lower your golfing handicap. The most important key to putt well is confidence. Many people think that it is great mechanics that results in good putting and they spend a lot of time working on developing the perfect stroke. The truth is that the perfect stroke may not exist and it is much more important to work on thinking positively and confidently. Here are a few tips to help you putt better.

– Focus on Short Putts

Make sure that you spend a lot of time working on short putts. This is important because you will make the vast majority of these putts and this is great because it will build your confidence. You must develop a sense of excitement and enthusiasm when you approach a putting green instead of fear.

Spend the majority of your putting practice time on putts inside of 10 feet. These putts are also critical on the golf course because they can save you a lot of strokes if you learn to master them. Also you will be more free and confident with your irons and chips around the green because you know you are very good at short putts so you are not too concerned even if your chips do not end up that close. The irony is that your chipping will probably improve since you are more free and confident instead of being tight and fearful.

– Relieve your Best Putts

Spend some time each day going through in your mind some of the best putts you have ever made. This is another great way to build confidence about your putting game. The ideal time to do this would be before going to bed as this would have a greater effect since it is the last thing you focused on before sleeping.

– Stay in the Present

It is easy to get distracted and start thinking about the score or about what might happen if you miss a putt. You need to keep your mind sharply focused in the present. By focusing on a target it will help to eliminate distractions. As you stroke the putt keep the target in mind and do your best to avoid thinking about putting mechanics.

By focusing sharply on a target you will dispel any distractions and your body and mind will make the most accurate stroke possible. You must trust your touch and feel out on the course, spend a bit of time hitting some longer putts on the practice green until you feel that you have a good idea of the speed of the greens and then trust it out on the course.

Source by Jitender Zaman

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