Golf Training Aids Review

Izzo Smooth Swing

There has been many different styles developed of golf training aids for your golf swing, here we will review what we consider to be three of the best available at a reasonable cost.

The first golf training aid I would like to talk about is the Izzo smooth swing, this is a great device for keeping your arms and body in harmony for a more efficient golf swing. This can lead to greater distance and accuracy which every golfer is looking for, I have used one of these for a few years now at home and on the driving range. I have found that it not only improved my distance and accuracy, but also gives me a great sense of the rhythm and timing needed for a smooth golf swing.

You can purchase the Izzo smooth swing for around ten dollars, this is money well spent if you are looking to improve your golf swing. I like it because it is simple to use, there is no requirement for setting up a practice station or bits of equipment. You just simply slide it on your arms and after a short period of time you can feel it encouraging you to make smooth golf swings.

Rick Smith Smash Bag

The rick smith smash bag is an ideal training aid to give you that idea of the correct impact position, this is one of my favourites for indoor work when the weather is bad. It is especially good at giving you feedback on the quality of your strike at the crucial moment in a golf swing, all you have to do is line up and swing then take a look at the angle of the proprietary target map.

If your impact position was good then the bag will stay aligned, but if you were slightly of target then the bag retains the impact to show you where your impact position was for that swing. This is an excellent training aid I have used for a while now and feel I am starting to understand really where I need to be at impact, and costing around $15 is a great investment to help you improve your golf swing.

Swingyde golf training aid

This is the only training aid that I use to keep my golf swing on plane, the swingyde is a fantastic piece of equipment. Using the swingyde is so easy and effective it can take your golf swing to the next level dramatically, the swingyde works with a clip that attaches to the shaft of your club on one end, and a built-in rest that touches your left forearm on the other.

When you swing the club with the swingyde attached the rest should touch your left forearm on the backswing, this encourages the proper wrist cock in the golf swing. This effective training aid will improve your swing plane, wrist cock, swing tempo, clubface alignment, and follow through, when you first use one of these swingydes you will think how simple it looks and how can this be effective.

I know I thought the same until I used it for a while, it greatly improved my swing plane and tempo and is so easy to use I was amazed. You can get a swingyde for around $29 today, you will notice it is well worth the money when you start to see the big improvements in your golf swing.

So if you are looking to improve your golf at a very reasonable cost, then consider these three golf training aids I have written about here in this article. I have tried many different training aids over the past few years and these three are the ones that helped, and for a total cost of $54 for all three, the best value for money I found out there.

Source by Mick Day

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