Golfing Tips – How to Begin Golfing

Do you want to play golf but you do not know how to begin it? Some golfing tips for total beginners:

You may do before starting golfing:

You can look at some golf event on TV or Internet to get the feeling of the game and to get some impressions about the hits, the clothes, the equipments, etc.
You may watch some golf training video on the Internet and you can start understand the complexity of the golf.
You can read about the rules of the game of golf on Internet. It is very interesting, because you will understand the competitions better.
You may read golf forums and blogs on Internet and you can get much more good golfing tips.
You may collect information about golf clubs and courses near you.

You should not do in the beginning:

Do not buy golf equipments, because you are not an expert yet to sort out the most proper clubs.
Do not buy expensive golf clothes and shoes, wait for the advices of the professionals.
Do not buy training DVD’s and do not exercise training videos – Correcting the faults would be a bigger task for the teaching pro later.

You should do then:

Find a golf course or driving range around you. In the beginning it is not necessary to choose the best one.
Make a contact with one of the teaching professionals (pro) of the course. (In the beginning it is also not necessary to choose the best one.)
Take some lessons from the teaching pro. You will get further good golfing tips from the pro, too.
Practise on ranges (driving range, putting green, pitching green, etc.) a lot.
Look at training videos, DVD’s, and practise at home, in the garage, in the office, etc.

Good luck for starting the game of golf!

Adam Bander is keen on the game of golf. His handicap is not the best but he has a lot of experience of developing training materials for the different hits, for example driving, pitching, chipping, putting. He has made several DVD’s for teaching professionals and lots of training videos on Internet.

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