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Ah, the simple golf swing. Only, it’s not so simple. When swinging a golf club, almost every part of the golfer’s body takes part. The forward press in the golf swing involves the legs and that’s just the beginning. The hands, arms, hips, back, shoulders all take part in this most complex exercise.

It is said that of all the great PGA golfers, only Ben Hogan had the perfect golf swing for every club. So, how does the every day golfer wade through the different swing methods to find the golf swing that fits his or her golf game?

There are many different ways. Golf lessons are always a good way to start, but the teaching golf professional must understand your golf game. That includes your handicap, your physical condition and the amount of time you will actually spend practicing your golf swing. His analysis should include watching you driving the golf ball and hitting fairway woods and the complete range of irons. Then, the golf pro should tailor your swing training to your individual skills.

I learned this lesson the hard way. Many years ago, I took some golf lessons. The pro believed, what he thought, was the best golf swing method that encompassed all the biomechanics of the perfect golf swing. Not for me. After a month of lessons, I had lost over 20 yards in distance off the tee and my scores rose by 8 points. I quit my lessons, bought a great little book by written by former PGA golfer Tony Lema and in a few weeks my game was back to normal. Since then, my golf swing instruction has been from golf books, an instructional video or two and golf swing teaching aids. I never had another lesson and even in my sixties I can still break 90.

There are many different swing styles and golf equipment and is filled with articles and videos filled with instructions on how to swing the golf club. They breakdown the swing to its simplest form and from taking back the club to the release, provide instructions on how to add power, distance and accuracy to every golf shot. We even have a free 118 page e-book filled with all sorts of great information about improving your golf game.

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Source by James E Obrien

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