Putting tips and drills for golf beginners

Putting the golf ball well is critical for a low golf score.  In fact, putting can account for 40 percent or more of your overall golf score.  The keys to become an effective putter include accuracy, consistency and mastering distance and speed control.  Here are some quick golf putting tips and golf putting drills that can help you improve you golf putting fundamentals.

Distance and Speed Control Golf Putting Drills


This golf putting drill will help you develop a controllable putting stroke.

1.On the putting green, place line of tees at regular intervals up to cup.
2.Putt to first tee, then putt to each subsequent tee.
3.If putt too far or short of target, start over.


This golf putting drill will assist you to stop hitting your putts “short” of the cup.

1.Place a sturdy board or brick 9 to 18 inches past your target cup.
2.Align to putt toward the cup, but aim and putt to the board
3.Vary your putts from 3 to 18 feet from cup.
4.Remove the board or brick. Ingrain “feeling” of putting toward the board into your regular putting stroke.

Accuracy and Consistency Golf Putting Drills

“Push” Golf Putting Drill

This golf putting drill will help you develop a repeatable golf putting stroke.

1.Set up about 3 to 5 feet from cup
2.Place a yardstick along your putting target line. 
3.Place toe of your putter along the yardstick as a stroke guide.
4.Place putter directly behind ball.
5.Without taking putter back, simply push the golf ball to the cup.
6.Repeat this drill for ten straight “pushes,” then putt normally.

Circle Golf Putting Drill

This golf putting drill helps promote accuracy and short putt confidence.

1.Set 8 golf balls in a circle around the cup with each golf ball about 3 feet from the cup.
2.Moving fairly rapidly, attempt to sink each of your putts.  If you make each of your putts without missing one, move the golf balls further and restart the putting drill.
3.If you miss a putt, start the drill over.

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Source by Nicolus Cage

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