Six Steps to a Good Golf Swing

If you are just starting to play the game, you are at an advantage because you haven’t already developed any of these issues that need fixing. You are essentially, a raw piece of clay, ready to be molded, which is always good in the game of golf. There are basically six elements to work on to develop a swing that you can be proud of.

1. Grip – The first thing that you need to do is establish a neutral grip. Your hands have only one purpose and that is to act as an attachment from your arms to your club. If your grip is too tight or too loose, it will have a negative impact on your swing.

2. Alignment – To properly align yourself, you will establish your target line and then make your club perpendicular to that. Once you find your position, then you can align your feet, hips, knees and shoulders. Keep in mind that your body should always be to the left of your target.

3. Posture – It is amazing how many people try to golf with poor posture. Your chest should be lowered and your pelvis needs to form a slight angle. While your back should be straight, ultimately there will be no tension in your knees, arms or shoulders.

4. Ball Position – Always take the time to make sure that the ball is lined up with your shaft before every single swing, even when you are only practicing. Proper ball position is more important than you may think!

5. Club Movement – Does your swing look forced, jerky or awkward? You are definitely not alone if it does. Unfortunately, as you know, it should look effortless and smooth. You can help make this more of a fluid movement by not lifting your shoulders or bending your trailing elbow. Both of these body movements will cause you to jerk your wrists which results in a swing that is anything but graceful.

6. Arc – A perfect arc will offer the same height on both your backswing and your upswing. You are essentially aiming to create a portion of a perfect circle. Although, some golfers with a high backswing actually rotate their club a full 360 degrees. Your arc is important to having a good golf swing and an element that deserves just as much attention as the others.

Source by Tod Woodward

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