Yes Putters

Harold Swash, now aged 75 years old has been a golf putting coach for 40 years.  He is also the man behind the Brand of Yes Golf.  His Yes Putters have been used far and wide by Tour Professionals and club amateurs alike.  His C Groove designed putter, training aids and wedges all come designed from his many years of experience in the game.

The background behind the technology of C Groove Yes Putters is that Harold worked out from many years of training and studying how the ball rolls when hit, that when putting, the ball skids first then rolls.  He realised if he could reduce skid and increase roll then the putt would be truer, and would continue on a straighter path, hopefully towards the pin.  His concentric circles were proven to do just the job when tested against other leading brands such as Ping, Taylor Made and Odyssey.

He has coached many top Golf Professionals including; Padraig Harrington, David Howell, Thomas Levet, Ian Woosnam, Darren Clarke, Robert Jan Derkson, Nick Faldo and Constantino Rocca to mention but a few.  Harold doesn’t just cater for the golfing stars, he also teaches at his Putting School of Excellence in Bristol, where you can enrol in One-To-One tuition or join a Putting Clinic group session.  His Yes putters are readily available to try but be warned, there are many styles to choose from.  All Yes putters are named after Ladies.  It no doubt started off as his closest family but now there are so many one can only assume he now names the Yes Putters after friends, colleagues and possibly even celebrities.

Top Five Yes Putters

  1. Callie
  2. Tracy
  3. Marilyn
  4. Victoria II
  5. Tiffany

Yes Putters come in blade, mallet and also some with unconventional shaped heads, with 3 different lengths available and in right or left handed options.  Some of the Yes putter styles come in a pink ladies option. And some also come in a “belly putter” length which is popular with some golfers on and off the tour.

Source by Mark Cijo Jn

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